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Free import

The following items can be freely imported into the country by travellers from Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay or Uruguay or by residents returning to Argentina after more than a year away.
• 1 litre of alcoholic beverages;
• 200 cigarettes and
• 25 cigars;
• 2 k food products
Travellers entering Argentina from other countries than the ones mentioned above can import the following.
• 2 litres of alcoholic beverages;
• 400 cigarettes and 50 cigars;
• 5 kgs food.


• Illegal drugs
• Weapons and ammunition – permission required
• Explosives
• Knives and deadly weapons
• Meat or meat products from any animal species i.e. sausages, cold cuts, ham
• Milk and dairy products
• Fresh fruit and vegetables
• Trees, plants and plant products
• New Computers
• Colour and new TV’s
• Soil
• Counterfeit money and goods
• Pornographic material


• Firearms and ammunition being imported into the country will require authorization by the Registro Nacional de Armas (RENAR) (National Firearms Bureau). The application will need to be supported by the appropriate firearms certificate of the country of residence and will need to be declared at the customs department. An additional ARS 200 fee per firearm will likely have to be paid at this point.
• Dogs and cats require an official veterinary health and vaccination certificate to be presented by the owner on arrival. However, pets less than three months of age do not require a rabies vaccination certificate.
• Mobile phones being imported into the country will need permission from the customs department before being granted entry.